Universal Cleaning Kit

Our cleaning kit is perfect for the professional as well as the occasional G owner. This universal cleaning kit is made up of 24 pieces in an aluminum case that is easy to store and transport. It cleans away the residuals and sludge to keep your G clean, extending its service life and maintaining its performance. The cleaning kit contains all the necessary parts to clean. It is easy to use, durable and reliable. Nicely boxed in an aluminum case include brushes, mops & handles. ​Also includes adaptors, slotted tips and cleaning patches​ Package dimensions Case size is 30cm x 20cm x 6cm  Package includes
  • 10/12 GA Brush
  • 20/28 GA Brush
  • 410 Brush
  • 45 cal brush
  • 40 cal brush
  • 357/38 cal. 9mm brush
  • 17 cal brush
  • 30 cal brush
  • 270/280 cal brush
  • 22 cal brush
  • 10/12 ga. cleaning mop
  • 20/28 ga.  cleaning mop
  • 410  cleaning mop
  • 357/38 cal .9mm  cleaning mop
  • 22 cal  cleaning mop
  • 17-45 cal  rods
  • shottgun rods
  • brass accessory adaptor
  • brass accessory  adaptor
  • cleaning patches
  • 2 x slotted tips
  • Shotgun handle
  • Handle
  FEATURES: UNIVERSAL GUN CLEANING KIT: This cleaning kit supplies for almost all types of accessories. DURABLE: High-quality brass brushes do not fall off easily, tough nylon slotted patch tips cleans rigid small parts and won't break like plastic. The rods are solid, stronger and less likely to break than some of the hollow ones on the market. EASY TO USE: Everything you need to clean a regular caliber firearm comes in one case, each brush and mop is marked with the appropriate caliber and, in addition, comes with an instruction sheet for use. BEST GIFTS FOR G LOVERS: Everything you need in a handy case, easy to store and pack for trips to the G range or field. A best gifts for G Lovers.