Tactical Under Armor Hood

  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION from COLD, WIND, DUST & UV: Our balaclava protects you against the elements whether you you are jogging early or late morning and evening, or you are running through dust, smoke, wind,  mad.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: This ski mask keeps you warm and dry. Its stretchy, breathable fabric protects your face while absorbing away moisture. The microfiber lining is crafted to retain heat. It provides a snug, comfortable fit. That's why you'll be smiling as the elements bear down on you.
  • ULTIMATE VERSATILITY: Wear your balaclava on its own or under a helmet. Wear it as a full face mask cover, open balaclava, half ski mask, ninja hoodie, or neck gaiter.
  •  USES:  Running,  skiing, snowboarding, motorcycle rides,  cycling, ATVing, hunting, construction, warehouse work and shoveling snow. One size fits most men and women.
  • ULTIMATE ADVENTURE PARTNER. Make this balaclava your adventure partner. Keep frostbite, sunburn and every other monstrous condition off your face. Stay safe and comfortable even with the chilliest of winds pelting your face.

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