Tactical Gasoline Portable Stove | For a Family


1.One-piece outdoor gasoline stove.

2.Suitable for camping,hiking,mountaineering,fishing and other outdoor activities.

3.Strong fire power,meeting the need of most people.

4.Compact and exquisite appearance,portable and convenient to carry

5.Gasoline fuel,easy to get.

6.Foldable brazier stand with sawtooth,stabler to use.

7.Collapsible stove mount to prevent it from sliding and waggling and to save storage space. 8.A carrying bag for good storage.

9.Unique pressure structure design,the pressure is easier,one press does not need to apply pressure in the middle.

10.The external maintenance port makes maintenance more convenient.

11.Unique patented explosion-proof design of the fuel filler port.The pressure is too high and the pressure is automatically relieved to ensure safe use.


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