SE Cleaning Kit (6 PC)

This cleaning kit effectively helps clean scrub, and remove build-up, debris, and dirt. In addition to cleaning, this kit is great for cleaning airbrushes, nozzles, paint spray, tattoo equipment, tubes, and so much more.

Product Display

  • This kit includes (1) copper alloy patch holder, (1) cotton brush, (1) copper brush, (1) black nylon brush, (2) copper alloy rods. The copper alloy handle is 4" long and the copper alloy rod is 3.5" long.
  • This item is an ideal choice for cleaning and maintenance for your 0.38, 0.357, and 9 mm barrel sizes.
  • The compact case allows you to conveniently take this kit on-the go. It measures 4-1/2" wide and 3-3/4" long.