Quick Cocking Holster for Glock 17,19,22

This holster is perfect for anyone who needs a quick way to access their firearm. It has an active retention system that locks the gun in place and front sight guide slots and magnets to help with re-indexing your slide when holstering. The spring loaded design makes it easy to quickly draw your weapon, so you can be prepared for anything. This product is great for security guards, police officers, or just those who want a safe way of carrying their pistol. FEATURES:

1. Heavy duty injection molded polymer construction 2. Ultra light weight and comfortable to wear 3. Locking active retention system 4. Front sight guide slot and magnets assist re-indexing of slide for quick reholstering 5. Spring loaded design allows holster to quickly swing open once retention lock is disengaged for rapid access 6 Uniquely designed to allow for quick one hand manipulation to chamber a round; ideal for agencies that require condition 3 carry 7. Safely carry in condition 3 without sacrificing a speedy presentation of your weapon

[video width="540" height="960" mp4="https://tacticalgears.pk/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Tactical-Qm-Owb-Airsoft-Pistol-Gun-G17-Holster-For-Glock-17-19-22-Quick-Draw-Pull-Holster-Case-Ipsc-Hunting-Equipment-Accessory-Holsters.mp4"][/video]  

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