LB-600 Air Rifle 5.5mm


Note: Gun price  is Without Scope.

Overview What we have here is a synthetic stocked, ambidextrous, break-barrel sporter, that measures a full 43 inches from its squishy rubber butt pad to the tip of its integrated sound moderator. The weight is a tad under 6.5 lbs, and that includes the supplied 4 x 32 scope and two-piece mounts. Those mounts have an unusual configuration, in that the front one is a single-screw design, and the rear has double screws, plus a wind-down recoil-arrestor stud. A back-up sighting system comes courtesy of a set of functional fibre-optic open sights, with the rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation. Moving down to the trigger, we discover a quaint and totally practical manual ‘lift and lower’ safety catch, which offers wrap-around blocking of the trigger blade. In short, once the safety’s on, you’ll feel it instantly, so there’s no chance of discovering the ‘safe’ condition of your rifle just as you prepare to release the shot. When the catch is lowered to release the trigger blade, finger access is clear. The Victory’s two-stage trigger is factory set at around 4lbs and despite operating at the ‘safe’ end of the precision scale, each release is predictable, consistent and entirely manageable. That said, an hour in the workshop of a skilled trigger-fettler would definitely be an hour well spent, and worth paying for. SPECIFICATIONS
  • Model: Victory LB600
  • Importer: SMK
  • Country of origin: China
  • Type: Break-barrel, spring-piston sporter
  • Calibre: .22, .177
  • Cocking: Break-barrel
  • Loading: Direct to breech
  • Trigger: 2-stage, factory set
  • Stock type: Ambidextrous, synthetic
  • Weight: 2.9kg (6.9.lbs), scoped as shown
  • Length: 1,092mm (43 ins)
  • Variation over 30 shots: 9 fps for .22 on test
  • Average energy: 10.3 ft.lbs.
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