Heavy Duty Metal Detector


Super Scanner MD-3003B1 Description

Application: It is mainly used in some security inspection such as airport, station, customs, harbor, stadium (gymnasium), public security, frontier guard, safeguard organizations, testing and detection for precious metal (e.g. used in bullion crafts factories, electronic component factories), security inspection in mass assembly and other circumstances requiring security inspection. Main Features:
  • Easy operation, coming with leather case, convenient for carry.
  • Also called panel type detector, with large detecting area, preventing any missed detecting.
  • With recharging function, available with option of direct charger or base charger.
  • LED will be off or will be alarming consistently while battery voltage is low.
  • Available with double alarming mode: Buzzer & LED and vibration.
  • In special occasion, switching can be done by auto reset function switch, so as to detect small objects.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted by operator according to security level.
  • Functions and characters:
  • Product dimension: 410mm x 85mm x 45mm
  • Product Net Weight: 0.26KG
  • Working Power supply: 6F22 9V
  • Alarm mode: Buzzer & LED, and vibration