Extra Security Handheld Metal Detector


It is simple and convenient to use, without adjustment. There are two choices of high and low sensitivity. The alarm mode has two options of sound and vibration, power-on, shutdown sound or vibration prompt function, automatic continuous sound or vibration alarm when the battery is exhausted, and an external charging jack. This detector is suitable for airports, stations, docks, customs, public security, border defense, security departments, sports field security inspections or any other occasions where you need confidentiality and security. When metal is detected, it will emit a sharp sound and glow.

Material: ABS Color: Black.

Size: 402*82.5*42.4mm

Power supply: 6F22 type 9V battery not included

Test distance for metal objects: pin 10mm, coin 60mm, 6-inch wrench 120mm

Package Included:

1* Hand Held Metal Detector.

2 * instruction manual,

3 * Leather case.