Fire Extinguisher Auto Fire Off Ball


Place the fire ball where the flame occur easily, such as the upside of circuit box, Gas can and range, Super market, Hotel, Gas Station or cars, shops, offices etc.

Light weight only 1.3 Kg shape of a ball even the old and children can use easily. simply roll out or though out to fire scenes.

How it works:- as long as been touched for 3-5 seconds by flame reaching 70 degree C, A.F.O. will automatically extinguish the fire effectively and rapidly. Bubble shell powder consumed water device including square, sphere and cylinder type, light weight, 0.6-1.2 KG, even the old people and children can easily to use, easy to install in any place that may be a fire, such as distribution box, gas canisters, and flammable chemicals.

When exposed to the flame, the device will automatically extinguish the water within 3 seconds. The filling will not harm the person or the environment. Bubble shell powder consumed water device does not need maintenance like ordinary fire extinguisher, save the maintenance cost, product life five years, when the device fire near the thrum of startup can remind people rushed to the scene in time, can be widely used in automobiles, homes, hotels, bars, restaurants and other places.

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