Extrema Ratio Tactical Black Fixed Blade Knife

Blade is made of reliable high carbon stainless steel with a black handle. Quick and easy access with the convenient ambidextrous, thermoplastic sheath. Extrema Ratio Tactical Black is a versatile knife that is able to withstand the most extreme abuse. It offers a tremendously strong clip point that’s fine enough for delicate work, yet possesses enough belly for efficient cutting, slashing and skinning strokes.
  • The knife is designed to fit perfectly into your palm. A solid grip is necessary.
  • It\'s safer and good to know the knife in your hand is ready for the task.
  • Blade is professionally heat treated to balance hardness and toughness, increasing blade durability and capabilities.
  • A harder knife blade can perform better than a softer blade.
  • Toughness is the ability to resist chipping, cracking or breaking. Using a very hard blade without toughness, such as a blade made from glass, will be very easy to break.
  • Provides Razor Sharp Cutting Performance, High Durability and Easy Edge Maintenance.
  • We chose this steel so the blade can resist any hard corrosion and increase the life expectancy of the blade edge.
  • This allows our knives to provide razor sharp cutting performance over and over again

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