Dog Smart Bark Controller

DogCare’s all-new bark control collar spontaneously detect your dog’s barking and automatically teaches your dog to stay quiet. With the streamlined new design, it comes in smaller, lighter, and better. What’s more, it‘s rechargeable with a long-lasting battery.
  • Dual anti-bark modes Vibration and Safe Static
  • Compact design for dogs of all sizes
  • 5 levels of adjustable bark sensitivity
  • Intelligent noise filtering minimizes misoperation

Automatic Smart Bark Controller

Probably the easiest way to train your dog!

Step 1: Detect barking with a mic and a vocal cords vibration sensor

Step 2: Intelligently distinguish barking from environmental noises and identify true barking

Step 3: Alerts triggered to stop the barking

Safety, what we do care

At most 7 alerts will be triggered in one cycle.

After 7 alerts (1 cycle), it will stop any alert for 1 minute and then restart a new cycle from the first beeping alert.

  • 1st alert=Beeping,
  • 2nd alert=Beeping + Vibration,
  • 3rd~7th alert=Vibration + Micro-current


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