AK47 Magazine Coupler

Magazine coupler expands ammunition capacity and saves precious reloading time by joining two magazines for the AK47. High density reinforced polymer construction. Screw tightened facility and it will not scratch or deform magazines.
  • The MC47N AK Magazine Coupler is designed only for AK riles in a 7.62x39 magazine form that allows two attached magazines together for the user to provide much better efficiency in reloading time, and availability for additional ammo.
  • This AK magazine coupler presents a durable lightweight polymer design for impact resistance, wide-set with captive screws for easy adjustments.
  • Fits 30-round 7.62 AK magazines - gives viewing through side-windows
  • Set as one part of power spring joins the parts
  • Made of high-density lightweight resistant polymer
  • AK Magazine Coupler set as one part of power spring
  • Coupler equipped to not scratching or deforming AK magazines
  • Wide-gap made easily for reloading
  \ \ \ \ \ measurements:
  • Width (inch(es)) : 3.0
  • Height (inch(es)) : 2.5
  • Length (inch(es)) : 2.5
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