Beeman Air Gun 1920 Sniper 5.5MM (M16 Replica)

  • Single-shot spring air rifle which is a replica of the M16 carbine.
  • 5.5mm threaded barrel for diabolo pellets ensures good accuracy.
  • The bed is made of durable polymer.
  • The stock has a rubber foot at the end.
  • The pistol grip provides the convenience of shooting.
  • The carbine is equipped with an upper 11mm rail for any optical sight and a lower 22mm rail for mounting a flashlight or optical sight.
  • The sights are equipped with the TRU-GLO fiber optic system.
  • Safety of use is ensured by an automatic fuse.
  • The air gun has dummy handles and an M16 magazine.
  • The carabiner can be fitted with a sling.
  • The Beeman 1920 Sniper air rifle is a replica of the American M16 carbine, which has been used by the US military from 1960 to this day.
  • It has a classically threaded broken barrel with a caliber of 5.5 mm . The air rifle is single- shot , and the diabolo pellet loading port is located in the barrel.
  • The magazine visible in the rifle is a dummy. The handguard is made of a durable polymer resistant to damage.
  • At the end of the stock there is a rubber pad that absorbs recoil while taking a shot. Comfortable pistol grip provides comfort while shooting.
  • The air rifle has two Picantinny rails : the upper one is 11 mmand bottom 22mm. They allow the installation of any optical sight, flashlight or laser sight.
  • The rifle is equipped with the Tru-Glo system, i.e. fiber optic sights: a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight .
  •  An automatic fuse protects against an uncontrolled shot . The airgun has a dummy M16 handle mounted on the upper rail. It is also possible to put on a sling.


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