32 Pcs Precision Screwdriver kit

  • 32 PCS precision screwdriver set
  • 1Pcs 4 X 60 mm bits holder 30 PCS 4 X 28 mm bits:SL 1.5,SL 2,SL 2.5,SL 3,SL 3.5,SL 4,PH 000,PH 00,PH 0,PH 1,T 4,T 5,T 6,T 7,T 8,T 9,T 10,T 15,T 20,H 0.9,H 1.3,H 1.5,H 2,H 2.5,H 3,H 4,Y 2,U 2.6,Five Star 0.8,Five Star 1.2 Five Star 0.8,Five Star 1.2 is suitable for iPhone and ipad
  • Comes in a Plastic Case
  • Contains 1pc INGCO-Style Handle 
  • Brand: INGCO

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