22-In-2 Survival Card



  • Made of stainless steel, the net weight of the card is 11.4g with a thickness of only 0.5mm, making it easy to carry around without adding any extra weight.
  • The tool card features 22 gadgets in one, including 9 fish hooks, 4 snare locks, 1 arrowhead, 1 fork, 2 sewing needles, 2 saw blades, and 1 awl.
  • The Military Grade Survival Tool card is a handy wallet tool that contains everything needed to survive in emergency situations.
  • With a size of only 100mm x 52.5mm, this lightweight tool can be easily stored in a wallet.
  • The tool card includes 22 reusable implements, such as a survival saw (coarse and fine edged), fine saw, sewing needles (2), trident spearhead, arrowhead, small game arrowhead, single fish hooks (4), double fish hooks (5), snare hooks/lures (4), and awl/tweezers.
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