Tactical Collapsible Stock for Glock 19


Product Description:

  • Creates an effective, totally concealable carbine from a proven pistol platform for deep cover operations and security professionals.
  • Adjustable stock for concealment.
  • Instantly extends for stability and accuracy.
  • Extends effective range.
  • Unique sling attachment allows the weapon to be carried under the shooting arm in concealed location for instant deployment as a long arm.
  • MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite.
  • Favored by undercover guards and security personnel.
  • Ideal for Class III Glocks®.
  • Compatible with G19, G21, G23, G32, G38
  • Also compatible with certain polymer Jericho/Baby Eagle Pistols and certain Bul Cherokee pistols.
  • Will NOT fit Gen 4 Glock® models.
  • Also see the GLR17 for use with Glock® 17.
  • Disclaimer: When you buy this product, your Glock® will become a short-barreled rifle. You must first register your Glock®