Solar LED Wall Lamp with Motion Sensor

Works with very advanced technology to convert solar energy to provide super bright lighting at night, it comes with a wide range and angle of illumination, it is equipped with a motion sensor so that it lights up in the event of movement near it that it can be installed on doors, paths, swimming pools and many more. Equipped with a sensor that lights up in the event of movement from a distance of 5 meters at an angle of 270.
  • Ideal for mounting on garden paths, entrances, or swimming pools.
  • Provides super bright lighting at night with a wide illumination angle and range.
  • IP65 waterproof, heat resistant, and suitable for all climates.
  • Charges automatically with solar energy during the day and night lighting.
  • Contains 150 LEDs for super bright lighting.
  • Very easy to install, it can be installed in less than a minute.
  • 2400mAh battery that lasts long.