Shock Absorbing Hiking/Trekking Ultra Lightweight Stick

Trekking Poles are made with tough aluminum and can withstand pressure and impact better than carbon fiber - crucial if hiking on rocky terrain or supporting heavier weight. Hiking sticks weigh up to 290 grams less than typical Aluminum Poles common in hiking sticks - making it the perfect for an outdoor tourist and traveler. Changing the height of these poles from 25 to 54 inches is a breeze even when you're wearing gloves or trekking in wet conditions thanks to its lever-locks. Cork handles are comfy to use in both hot and cold temperatures, are moisture-wicking, and mold to the shape of your hand.  
  • Both seasoned and rookie hikers need a walking stick that will last throughout their outdoor journeys. These trekking poles are specifically built for a hiker’s unique rhythm, allowing individuals to establish pace, increase speed, and progress along the trail with stability and ease.
  • The shock-absorbent carbon fiber is lightweight while remaining incredibly durable, and the rubber tips increase traction when coming across slick surfaces like mud or rock.
  • As far as height is concerned, the poles extend from 25 to 54 inches, securely locking after each adjustment thanks to a flip-lock—this same technology allows you to collapse the poles for easier packing. Additionally, comfortable handles, an adjustable wrist strap.