Motorola Slim Walkie Talkie - 3KM Range - Pair

  • Pocket size and light weight are very conducive to carry out; compact and durable; sturdy shell; anti-pressure; anti-fall; dust-proof
  • The belt clip can be quickly removed and installed for long-term reliable use; easy to store; VOX hands-free operation also allows you to use it more easily
  • This walkie talkie is an FRS walkie talkie and the talking range can only reach (0.5-1.5MILES)(0.8-2.4KM} miles
  • When VOX is turned on, please speak within five centimeters of the microphone of the walkie talkie.
  Frequency Range 400-470MHz Operation Voltage DC3.7V Channel Capacity 16 Antenna Integrated antenna Antenna Impedance 50 Dimension 96*55*22mm transmit Output power 2W/3W The maximum deviation ≤±5KHz Residual radiation <60dB Current ≤1000mA Receiver Sensitivity <0.16μV(12dB SINAD) Squelch Sensitivity <0.2μV Intermodulation 50dB Audio Power ≥300mW current ≤100mA Squelch current 20mA

Product Display

Package 1 x WLN KD-C1 UHF 400-470 MHz MINI two way radio 1 x 3.7V 1500mAh Li-ion Battery 1 x Belt Clip 1 x User"s Manual 1 x Desktop Charger 1x US type AC Adapter 1 x power cord