CAA M4S1 Tan


Color: Black



  • Measurements:
    Weight (lbs): .55 lbs
    Height (in): 2.75″
    Width (in): 2.62″
    length (in): 7″
  • Eligibility:
  •  lightweight polymer handguard designed to withstand the extreme operating temperatures of a gas piston system.
    Upper and lower handguard sections interlock providing the rigidity and stability you need in addition to solidly mounting to the delta ring and handguard end cap.
    Bottom rail can mount to front sling mount for additional rigidity if forward sling swivel is removed.
    Two quick detachable sling swivel mounting points.
    First lightweight polymer handguard designed for use with gas piston systems.
    Manufactured from a special high temperature resistant polymer.
    Includes heat shields.
    Minor disassembly of sling swivel optional for added rigidity.