60W Bird Caller

Metal shell, with louder voice, High temperature design for desert. Waterproof, anti dust, Seal design. Built-in 60W ultra-loud all-in-one machine, with the maximum score up to 160dB. Breakthrough in industrial design, longer service life. Horn with handle design, can freely fix the position of horn, convenient to use and carry in different outdoor environment. With 2 * 60W, 160dB loud speakers attract more predators. Metal material for speakers and waterproof design which can be used any weather conditions. 1-Metal Shell with louder voice, High temperature design for desert . 2-Waterproof,anti dust, Seal design. 3-English Menu, Specialized for Mid-East market. 4-With Remote control for 500M. 5-Built in Timer ON/OFF. 6-Built in 60W loud speaker, and with external a 60W speaker, max to 160dB. 7-Built in 323 newer bird voices. 8-Support DC12V power supply and car power. 9-With portable outdoor bag. 10-Patent design ,No copy. 11-Size:130mm*131mm*86mm 12-Weight: 2KG/SET