Solar Power Bank -10,000 mAh


  1. Genuine product.
  2. Compact & Portable Design – This solar panel charger allows you to charge anywhere, anytime, using only the sun’s natural energy – no electricity needed! Perfect for camping, hiking, fishing trips, boating, or any other outdoor activity.
  3. Dual-USB Output – Dual USB ports allow this portable solar phone charger to act as a power bank for two devices to be charged simultaneously. Charges your iPhone or Smartphone while also charging a tablet, Kindle or other eReader, GPS, or any other device using a USB charger.
  4. Built in LED Flashlight – To access the flashlight, simply fold the solar panels into the attached casing and turn over to find the flashlight on the back side.
  5. 3 solar panels – Three integrated solar panels absorb and transform the sun’s energy into power, providing the charge for the solar banks powerful 10,000 mAh Li Polymer battery.
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