Motorola GP-2000 Tactical Walkie Talkie | Range 10KM (Pair)

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Product Description:

    99 Channels
    Allows the organising of work teams into talk groups, increasing the flexibility of your radio. The channel button is located in the front of the radio, providing quick and easy access to the different talk groups.
    Front Panel Programming
    Large front panel buttons facilitate easy programming of the several radio functions. Customise and reset your radio profiles while on the go without
    the need for additional equipment.
    Long Battery Life
    Allows you to enjoy up to 8 hours of talktime without the need to charge or carry additional batteries during a typical 8-hour work shift.
    Compact, Lightweight and Ergonomically Designed
    Designed to be held comfortably, the channel knob is replaced by an easy to use navigation button that allows you to quickly scroll through the user
    Private Lines
    Set up talkgroups/users with unique Private Lines / Digital Private Lines (DPL) to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency. The GP2000 has 3 PLs more than the industry standard.
    Battery Saver Feature
    With 3 power levels – Economy Low, Low and High, the GP2000 allows flexible user control over the battery operational efficiency. Using Economy
    Low when communicating in close promixity allows users to save on battery use extending talktime by up to 6 hours.
    User-friendly Navigation
    With two navigation buttons, users can simply scroll through the radio’s menu. The four programmable buttons allow you to assign up to eight commonly-used features, providing even greater convenience at your fingertips.
    8-digit Alpha-Numeric & Iconic Display
    Iconic battery and signal strength indicators enable you to determine the radio’s operating performance at a glance. Text and number displays such as channel alias and frequency number, provide critical information for your operation.
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